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  • About Assisted Living is a free resource to help educate families and individuals on eldercare options and assisted living facilities. The site's articles and care guides cover regulations, rules, estimated costs, what to expect, and what questions to ask in an effort to help you make better decisions about care for yourself or a loved one.
  • Access
    PO Box 5728 , El Monte CA, 91734-1728
    Phone: (213)2706000

    Access Services, a local public entity, is the Los Angeles County Consolidated Transportation Services Agency (“CTSA”) and administers the Los Angeles County Coordinated Paratransit Plan (“Plan”) on behalf of the County’s 43 public fixed route operators (i.e., bus and rail). Pursuant to the Plan, Access facilitates the provision of complementary ADA paratransit services to certain persons with disabilities as required by 42 U.S.C. §12143 under the name “Access Paratransit.” Paratransit is an alternative mode of flexible passenger transportation that does not follow fixed routes or schedules. Typically, vans or mini-buses are used to provide paratransit service, but also shared taxis and jitneys are important providers as a form of transportation. Complementary ADA paratransit is a federally mandated civil right for persons with disabilities who cannot ride the accessible public fixed route buses and trains.
  • Accessible
    Phone: (866)902-9800

    Accessible Construction is California's leading Barrier-Free Specialist. We specialize in arranging elegant Residential and Commercial Barrier-Free Designs & Accessories for seniors and the Disabled. We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible products and services at the best possible price.
  • Accredited Home Care
    Ste 215, 950 South Coast Drive, Costa Mesa CA, 92626
    Phone: (714) 973-1234

    Adult day care centers are senior care locations that are open during normal business hours and provide various care services, supervision and social interaction for the elderly. Seniors generally attend adult day care on a scheduled basis which can provide relief to caretakers, such as family members or caregivers. Seniors who attend adult day care can benefit from the increased companionship and social interaction with others.
  • Adult Day Care

    Adult day care centers are senior care locations that are open during normal business hours and provide various care services, supervision and social interaction for the elderly. Seniors generally attend adult day care on a scheduled basis which can provide relief to caretakers, such as family members or caregivers. Seniors who attend adult day care can benefit from the increased companionship and social interaction with others.
  • Aero Mobility
    2345 N. Grand Ave, Santa Ana CA, 92705
    Phone: 714-835-1000

    Aero Mobility provides a complete line of mobility products and services for people with special needs. We provide handicap accessible vans, handicapped vehicles with wheelchair accessible ramps
  • Alta Home Care
    1740 Katella Ave, Ste B, Orange CA, 92867
    Phone: 866-279-9991
    Fax: 866-279-1147

    'Alta Home Care is dedicated to providing care that enriches the lives of our clients and helps them maintain the highest level of independence'
  • American Heart Association

    Our mission is to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. That single purpose drives all we do. The need for our work is beyond question.
  • American Heart/Stroke Association
    4600 Campus Dr., Irvine CA, 92617
    Phone: 949-856-3555 x1512

    Our mission is to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. That single purpose drives all we do. The need for our work is beyond question.
  • American Public Transportation Association
    1666 K Street, NW Suite 1100 , Washington DC , 20006

    APTA is the leading force in advancing public transportation. APTA members are public organizations that are engaged in the areas of bus, paratransit, light rail, commuter rail, subways, waterborne passenger services, and high-speed rail. Members also include large and small companies who plan, design, construct, finance, supply, and operate bus and rail services worldwide. Government agencies, metropolitan planning organizations, state departments of transportation, academic institutions, and trade publications are also part of our membership.
  • Assisted Living Facilities strives to serve as the informational resource for assisted living in the United States. We list information on over 36,400 state-licensed assisted living facilities and try to explain the rules and regulations of each state. We try to offer as much useful information as possible to help you decide if assisted living is a good option, and if so, to select the best facility possible
  • Assistive Technology Exchange Center (ATEC)
    1601 East St. Andrew Place, Santa Ana CA, 92705
    Phone: 714-361-6200
    Fax: 714-361-6220

    ATEC is a comprehensive assistive technology resource center that is one of Goodwill of Orange County's vital health and human services programs. They offer consultation and assessment services, equipment trial, equipment loan and reuse and support in learning how to use assistive technology equipment.
  • Balance Rehabilitation
    12465 Lewis Street, Suite 101, Garden Grove CA, 92840-4658
    Phone: 714-703-8477

    England Physical Therapy is a private outpatient physical therapy practice with specialized expertise in the treatment of complex neurologic, balance, vestibular and facial impairments. The facility is equipped with technology specific to the needs of the neurology population and treatment is performed one-on-one by a skilled physical therapist.
  • Beach Wheelchairs

    Beach Wheelchairs are equipped with large, wide wheels which can roll across the sand without sinking requiring users to be accompanied by someone pushing them, although several California locations offer motorized chairs which may be self-propelled.
  • Bergin University of Canine Studies -- Assistance Dog Institute
    1215 Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa CA, 95407
    Phone: 707-545-3647

    The University is devoted to 'Advancing the human-canine partnership through research and education.' After years of research we've identified that the breeds of dogs most suited to Service Dog work are Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers. By having our own breeding program, we are able to produce dogs whose temperament and physical characteristics make them ideal Service Dog candidates. All dogs begin their training as Service Dogs as early as three weeks old. During the training process, some dogs are identified for 'career changes' to graduate as Social/Therapy Dogs or Facility Dogs.
  • Biomimetic Orthosis for Neurorehabilitation of the Elbow and Shoulder (BONES)

    Dr. David Reinkensmeyer and his team at the University of California at Irvine are conducting a research study that looks at how an 8-week robotic therapy of the weak arm can improve function after stroke. Please visit table 22 for more information.
  • Bioness Inc.
    Phone: 1-800-211-9136

    Bioness offers award-winning medical devices designed to help people living with stroke, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy and spinal cord injury to regain
  • Bowling - Super Sports Bowling
  • Brain and Cord Spinal Injury
    Phone: (855) 669-3472 was created and sponsored by the Swope Rodante law firm as a knowledge-base for brain injury and spinal cord injury survivors.
  • Brain Rehabilitation And Injury Network
    5656 Corporate Ave., Cypress CA, 90630
    Phone: 714.828.1760

    B.R.A.I.N. is an acronym for Brain Rehabilitation And Injury Network. We are a non profit organization in Southern California that advocates for and administers help to brain injured individuals and their families. B.R.A.I.N.’s mission is to advance research, recovery and residential care for brain injured adults 18 years and older.
  • Bungalow Software
    2905 Wakefield Dr. , Blacksburg VA, 24060-818

    Therapist-designed speech-therapy software providing unlimited, independent speech & language practice (for home or clinic) using proven therapeutic techniques for faster rehabilitation.
  • California Department of Rehabilitation -- Vocational Rehab
    222 S. Harbor Blvd, Suite 300, Anaheim CA, 92805-3701
    Phone: 714-992-0800

    The California Department of Rehabilitation works in partnership with consumers and other stakeholders to provide services and advocacy resulting in employment, independent living and equality for individuals with disabilities.
  • California Physical Therapy Association

    The California Physical Therapy Association is a Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association, which represents more than 77,000 physical therapists and physical therapist assistants nationwide. As the third largest Physical Therapy association in the world, the California Physical Therapy Association is the only voice for the physical therapy profession in the state of California.
  • Canine Companions
    P.O. Box 446 Santa Rosa, CA 95402-0446, Santa Rosa CA, 95402-0446
    Phone: 1-800-572-2275

    Founded in 1975, Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) is a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs and ongoing support to ensure quality partnerships.
  • Caregiver Resource Center
    130 W. Bastanchury Rd, Fullerton CA, 92835
    Phone: 800-543-8312

    The Caregiver Resource Center (CRC) is a trusted partner for Orange county families coping with the physical, emotional, and financial responsibilities of caregiving. By providing families with individualized, supportive services, CRC stands apart as the only Orange County agency focusing specifically on the needs of caregivers, who are coping with a loved one’s chronic illness. Services include family consultation, assessment, care planning, counseling, referrals for resources, psycho-educational seminars, respite planning and community education.
  • CareMeridian Winways
    7732 East Santiago Canyon Road, Orange CA, 92869-1829
    Phone: 714-771-5276

    Nestled in a tranquil setting in the rolling hills of Orange, California, Winways is located in a five bedroom, ranch style home. A windmill and gardens add to the natural beauty of the surrounding acre. The program offers our clients the safe, relaxed atmosphere of rural living without sacrificing important access to shopping, business, recreational, and educational facilities. Winways at Orange offers highly personalized, comprehensive programs to meet the needs of individuals with traumatic brain injury, stroke, tumors, aneurysm, post concussive syndrome, or other neurological disorders.
  • Casa Colina Centers for Rehabilitation
    255 East Bonita Ave, PO Box 6001, Pomona CA, 91769-6001
    Phone: 866-724-4127
    Fax: 909-593-0153

    Casa Colina is a non-profit, freestanding, community-governed organization. With incredible support from our community, we have been privileged to bring the benefits of rehabilitation to disabled people.
  • CenterWatch
    10 Winthrop Square, Fifth Floor, Boston, A 02110, ,

    More than 875 clinical research centers and 600 companies offering a variety of services to the clinical trials community are profiled right here on! Locate research centers by medical expertise or geographic region and industry providers by type of services provided. Both profiles offer detailed information about the services they provide.
  • Coastline Community College - ABI Program
    2990 Mesa Verde Drive East, Costa Mesa CA, 92626
    Phone: 1-714-241-6214

    Coastline's ABI Program is a demanding one-year educational program designed to provide structured cognitive retraining for adults who have sustained a brain injury due to traumatic (such as a motor vehicle accident or fall) or non-traumatic (such as a non-age-related stroke, brain tumor or infection) injuries.
  • Complete Balance Solutions
    24012 Calle De La Plata, #300, Laguna Hills CA, 92653
    Phone: 949-340-6927

    Complete Balance Solutions offers the increasing number of patients with balance/walking/gait (Neurological, Vestibular and Orthopedic), dizziness, Complex Neurological, and Unresolved Orthopedic disorders a place to receive quality care and rehabilitation.
  • Consumer Affairs

    Whether looking for adjustable features while recovering from a surgery or needing to adjust the height when climbing out of bed, there are numerous scenarios where the features an adjustable bed offer are essential. ConsumerAffairs has created a guide to help consumers make smart and informed decisions based on verified consumer reviews.
  • Coupon Chief's Retail Savings Guide for People with Disabilities provides a detailed look at ways those with disabilities can stretch their dollars. Discounts, services, and special offers are widely available, but very few businesses will mention their willingness to help simply because the risk of offending someone is just too big to risk saying something. Managing a disability can be tough, but you don't have to handle it all by yourself. The bottom line is: if you can save money, why not do it?
  • Day Treatment for Adult Stroke Survivors, Fullerton (RIO)
    130 Laguna Road, Fullerton CA, 92835
    Phone: 714-680-6060

    The Rehabilitation Institute of Southern California (RIO) was established in 1950 to serve the multi-faceted needs of persons with functional disabilities caused by birth defects, disease, medical conditions or accidents. Services are provided without regard to age, race, creed, sexual orientation and gender.
  • Day Treatment for Adult Stroke Survivors, Orange (RIO)
    1800 East La Veta Ave, Orange CA, 92866
    Phone: 714-633-7400

    The Rehabilitation Institute of Southern California (RIO) was established in 1950 to serve the multi-faceted needs of persons with functional disabilities caused by birth defects, disease, medical conditions or accidents. Services are provided without regard to age, race, creed, sexual orientation and gender.
  • Dayle McIntosh Independent Living Center
    13272 Garden Grove Blvd, Garden Grove CA, 92843
    Phone: 714-621-3300

    The Mission of the Dayle McIntosh Center is to advance the empowerment, equality, integration and full participation of people with disabilities in the community. The Center is not a residential program, but instead promotes the full integration of disabled persons into the community. Dayle McIntosh Center is a consumer-driven organization serving alld isabilities. Its staff and board are composed of over 50% of people with disabilities. Its staff and board are composed of over 50% of people with disabilities. Its two offices service over 500,000 people in Orange County and surrounding areas with disabilities. The Dayle McIntosh Center exists to enable persons with disabilities to succeed in every area they desire and to fulfill every dream tehy have and to provide equal opportunity
  • Disability Rights Legal Center
    919 Albany Street , Los Angeles CA, 90015
    Phone: (213)7361334

    Disability Rights Legal Center (DRLC) is a national organization whose mission is to advance the rights of people with disabilities through education, advocacy, and litigation.
  • Down With Falls Coalition
    1300 S. Grand Ave, Bldg B , Santa Ana CA, 92705
    Phone: (800)5102020

    In 2006, with support from the Archstone Foundation, the Down with Falls Coalition began organizing various activities to bring health professionals and service providers together to address falls. Early activities included collecting an older adult and service provider needs assessment and the development of a strategic plan. The Coalition currently focuses on community and health professional education through the Speakers Bureau. The Coalition meets quarterly (January, April, July, and October) to learn more about fall risk reduction from industry professionals and to discuss Coalition activities.
  • Dynavox Adaptive Communication Equipment
    Phone: 1 (800) 588-4548

    For over 25 years, our technology – developed through clinical research and customer feedback – has helped thousands of individuals that have limited or no speech due to a variety of causes including stroke, autism, CP, ALS or traumatic injury.
  • Easter Seals
    233 South Wacker Drive, Suite 2400 , Chicago IL, 60606
    Phone: 312-726-6200

    Easter Seals provides exceptional services, education, outreach, and advocacy so that people living with autism and other disabilities can live, learn, work and play in our communities.
  • Easy Access Travel
    1065 Misty Meadow Circle Corona, Corona CA, 92881
    Phone: 800-920-9292

    EASY ACCESS TRAVEL is dedicated to meeting the special needs of disabled and mature travelers. Our goal is to research our clients’ vacation choices and to provide them with the necessary information to make their trip enjoyable and rewarding. We achieve this by trying to eliminate “surprises” and informing our clients of the situations they may encounter.
  • Free Wheel
    4878 Lakeview Place, Garden City ID, 83714
    Phone: (208)5712051

    With the FreeWheel you can safely push over surfaces that would typically be impossible! Instead of struggling or popping "wheelies" to go over grass, curbs, or down dirt trails, you can now safely push over almost any obstacle.
  • G.R.I.P. Solutions
    301-C Second Street, Freeport PA, 16229
    Phone: (724)2951988

    GRIP™ Solutions is a line of unique non-slip products designed to help with a variety of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). What makes GRIP™ better? Unlike other non-slip products, GRIP™ is not sticky! That means it’s more comfortable to use, easier to clean and lasts longer. And that’s why GRIP™ is preferred by consumers and therapists alike.
  • Garden Grove Sports and Recreation Center
    13641 Deodara Drive, Garden Grove CA,
    Phone: 714-889-5782

    Offer year-round programs that provide a full range of opportunities for life enrichment, self improvement, personal growth, and artistic expression. Programs include youth and adult sports, excursions, and activities for senior citizens.
  • Goodwill Fitness Center
    1601 E. St. Andrew Place, Santa Ana CA, 92703
    Phone: 714-361-6180

    Goodwill of Orange County provides service and support to adults and seniors living with disabilities and other barriers. Their goal is to improve their physical fitness and strength to promote the highest degree of independence.
  • HealthSouth Tustin Rehab Hospital Stroke Support Group
    14851 Yorba St, Tustin CA, 92780
    Phone: 714-832-9200

    Meets 4th Thursday of the month at 7pm
  • HealthSouth Tustin Rehabilitation Hospital
    14851 Yorba Street, Tustin CA, 92780
    Phone: 714-832-9200

    HealthSouth Tustin Rehabilitation Hospital is an acute inpatient hospital that offers a wide range of physical rehabilitation services, a vast network of physicians, licensed therapists and nurses. Our services are designed to return patients to leading active and independent lives. Tustin Rehabilitation Hospital has earned the Joint Commission’s certification for Stroke Rehabilitation.
  • Hoag Hospital
    One Hoag Drive, PO Box 6100, Newport Beach CA, 92658-6100
    Phone: 949-764-1454

    Hoag Stroke Program ranks among the top five percent in the nation and has been awarded the American Stroke Association’s Get With The Guidelines Stroke Gold Plus Performance Achievement for Hoag’s continued high standard of stroke care.
  • Hoag Neuroscience Stroke Coordinator
    Phone: 949-764-1454
  • Home Health Care Agencies

    Home health care companies offer a wide range of skilled medical services such as nursing care, physical therapy and occupational therapy from qualified medical professionals in addition to various services from home health aides. Other home care companies might offer assistance with daily activities, such as bathing and eating. Home care services are conducted in the comfort of your home
  • Horseback Riding - Anaheim Equestrian Center Therapeutic Riding Program
    1370 S. Sanderson Ave, Anaheim CA, 92806
    Phone: 714-292-3563

    Goal is to educate the importance and benefit of a city stable to the health of its community and to provide access to an Equestrian Center for everyone, young and old, who wish to learn more about horses.
  • Horseback Riding - Back Bay Therapeutic Riding Club
    20262 Cypress St, Newport Beach CA, 92660
    Phone: 949-474-7329

    The Back Bay Therapeutic Riding Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing an avenue to improve the bodies, minds and spirits of adults with physical and or developmental disabilities, through therapeutic horseback riding lessons and other unique activities.
  • Horseback Riding - Shea Thearapeutic Riding Center
    26284 Oso Road, San Juan Capistrano CA,
    Phone: 949-240-8441

    The Shea Center offers classes that focus on a broad range and combination of disabilities. These classes fall under the general term 'therapeutic riding' but each class is a sophisticated program developed to address the needs of that small group.
  • Housing Rights center
    520 S, Virgil Ave, #400 , Los Angeles CA, 90020
    Phone: (213)3878400-27

    Our mission is to actively support and promote fair housing through education, advocacy and litigation, to the end that all persons have the opportunity to secure the housing they desire and can afford, without discrimination based on their race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, familial status, marital status, disability, ancestry, age, source of income or other characteristics protected by law.
  • Independent Living Center
    14407 Gilmore Street, #101, Van Nuys CA, 91404
    Phone: 818.785.6934

    A non-profit 501 (c) (3) consumer-based, non-residential agency providing a wide range of services to a growing population of people with disabilities, older adults, and veterans. The ILCSC is dedicated to providing the services which will offer the opportunity to seek an individual course towards independence - while educating the community.
  • Interactive Metronome
    Phone: 877-994-6776 x254

    The Interactive Metronome (IM) is a brain-based rehabilitation assessment and training program developed to directly improve the processing abilities that affect attention, motor planning, and sequencing. This, in turn, strengthens motor skills, including mobility and gross motor function, and many fundamental cognitive capacities such as planning, organizing, and language
  • Invotek
    1026 Riverview Drive , Alma AR, 72921
    Phone: (479)6324166

    InvoTek, Inc. is a research and development company that improves the quality of life for people who find it difficult or impossible to use their hands by giving them new, efficient ways to access computers.
  • Lingraphica
    103 Carnegie Center, Suite 204 , Princeton NJ, 8540
    Phone: 888-275-1300, 609-27

    The Lingraphica is an easy-to-use, full-featured communication device. It provides an extensive vocabulary of icons you can combine to create personalized phrases and simple sentences that speak in a natural-sounding voice. You can play these instantly or save them for easy access in the future. You may also take advantage of pre-loaded phrases, videos, and an extensive selection of practice exercises.
  • Live Well Medical Supplies
    7338 Sycamore Canyon Blvd, #1 , Riverside CA, 92508
    Phone: (951)6563700

    LiveWell Medical Supplies will provide the best medical products at the fairest prices and generally the lowest prices. Provide a site that you find easy to use and can provide value. We will donate at least ten percent of our profits back to organizations that assist person with SCIs and other disabling illnesses that do not have the means to get equipment and therapy that would help improve their quality of life.
  • Long Beach Memorial Hospital
    2801 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach CA, 90806
    Phone: 562-933-2000

    An innovator in health care delivery, MemorialCare focuses on evidence-based, best practice medicine. Our physicians and health care professionals study health care's best practices and work to implement them at all our medical centers. The results are outcomes that frequently exceed state and national averages.
  • Long Beach V.A. Stroke Group
    5901 E. 7th Street, Long Beach CA, 90822
    Phone: 562-826-8000 x3283

    Open only to Veterans, meetings are Wednesdays at 10am
  • Marhsall B Ketchum University School of Optometry
    2575 Yorba Linda Blvd, Fullerton CA, 92831-1699
    Phone: 714-992-7890
    Fax: 714-992-7863

    Vision therapy is a sequence of procedures individually prescribed and monitored by the doctor to develop efficient visual skills and visual processing. Typically, vision therapy is administered as a combination of in-office visits combined with prescribed, daily, home-vision therapy procedures. Home therapy is directed at practicing the newly learned visual skills until the initial conscious effort becomes automatic.
  • Medtronic/McKesson

    Medtronic is the world’s largest medical technology company, offering an unprecedented breadth and depth of innovative therapies to fulfill our Mission of alleviating pain, restoring health, and extending life. Last year, more than 8 million people relied on our medical therapies, which treat cardiac and vascular diseases, diabetes, and neurological and musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Metro Bus and Metro Rail
    Phone: 213-452-0200

    Metro is also the primary funding source for Access Services Incorporated, the federally-required ADA paratransit service. This service is offered to individuals whose disabilities prevent them from independently using regular bus or rail service. It is comparable to fixed-route service and offers 24-hours-a-day curb-to-curb service.
  • Mission Hospital
    27700 Medical Center Road , Mission Viejo CA, 92691
    Phone: (949) 364-1400

    'Our goal is to enable people with disabling conditions to achieve their goals and to pursue life with meaning and purpose. And we've done it - our Acute Rehabilitation Unit (ARU) consistently ranks among the top 10 percent in the nation for positive results for rehabilitative services.'
  • Myomo
    One Broadway, 14th Floor, Cambridge MA, 02142
    Phone: (949) 667-2586

    Our mission is to improve mobility and restore independence for individuals who suffer from debilitating muscle weakness due to conditions such as stroke and other neuro-muscular conditions. The Myomo Mobility System is designed to enable individuals to self-initiate and control movement of partially paralyzed limbs using their own muscle signals.
  • National Adult Day Services Association

    Adult day care centers serve as an emerging provider of transitional care and short-term rehabilitation following hospital discharge. As a preferred platform for chronic disease management, adult day centers are an interactive, safe and secure environment for participants requiring supervised daily care. While nearly half of all participants nationally have some level of dementia, other common chronic diseases among participants include chronic hypertension, physical disability, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, mental illness and developmental disability. Adult day services provide a reliable source of support, restore balance in times of crisis, and enhance overall quality of life for caregivers.
  • National Aphasia Association
    350 Seventh Avenue, Suite 902 , New York NY, 10001
    Phone: 1-800-922-4622

    The National Aphasia Association provides information about the disorder as well as resources for living with aphasia, including a national listing of support groups, a newsletter, a national conference, and other events. Our mission is to assist both survivors and caregivers with support and guidance, to raise awareness of aphasia, and to help people with aphasia, no matter how severe, reconnect with each other and the community.
  • National Association for Home Care and Hospice

    The National Association for Home Care & Hospice is the nation's largest trade association representing the interests and concerns of home care agencies, hospices, and home care aide organizations
  • National Center on Physical Activity and Disability
    1640 W. Roosevelt Road , Chicago IL, 60608-6904
    Phone: 800-900-8086, 312-35

    NCPAD is an information center concerned with physical activity and disability.
  • National Stroke Association
    Phone: 714-305-9405

    National Stroke Association’s mission is to reduce the incidence and impact of stroke by developing compelling education and programs focused on prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and support for all impacted by stroke.
  • Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association
    1921 Carnegie Ave St 3L Santa Ana, CA 92705 , Santa Ana CA, 92705
    Phone: 866-222-3887

    NORA is diverse group of professionals dedicated to advancing the art and science of rehabilitation of the neurologically and cognitively injured and disabled survivor population and their families.
  • Neuro Optometry Clinic
  • Newport Language, Speech & Audiology Center
    26137 La Paz Road, #104, Mission Viejo CA, 92691-5309
    Phone: 949-581-5206

    Looking for a refreshingly different approach to speech and hearing? Here at Providence Speech and Hearing Center, we offer a one-of-a-kind experience where patients receive care with advanced technology and a supportive, optimistic vibe.
  • Newport Therapy Centers
    23361 Madero, Suite 200, Mission Viejo CA, 92691
    Phone: 949-599-0218

    NTC offers a dysphagia, feeding and swallowing program
  • Nifty After Fifty
    12572 Valley View St , Garden Grove CA, 92845
    Phone: 800-928-0867

    A full service state-of-the-art fitness center offering a unique array of empowering services to help you look and feel great. Their low cost fitness memberships include clinically supervised full-body training with one of our highly skilled fitness coaches including a personalized nutritional program combining sensible weight management and dietary consulting.
    3327 W. Bearss Ave. , Tampa FL, 33618
    Phone: (800)8330427

    NMEDA is a non-profit trade association of mobility equipment dealers, manufacturers, driver rehabilitation specialists and other professionals dedicated to expanding opportunities for people with disabilities to drive or be transported in vehicles modified with mobility equipment. All members work together to improve transportation options of people with disabilities.
  • North Coast Medical
    Phone: 800·821·9319

    We are a full service orthotic and prosthetic facility that works closely with many rehab hospitals in north and south Orange County and are looking to expand our involvement in stroke rehab. We have a facility in Anaheim as well as Irvine and offer free consultations for any and all orthotic needs.
  • NuStep Recumbent Cross Trainers
    Phone: 800.322.2209

    Today, as NuStep®, Inc., we innovate, design, and manufacture high-quality recumbent cross trainers and accessories that, when used as directed, provide a safe, effective, total body workout for users of virtually any fitness level or health conditions.
  • O'Connor Orthopedics and Prosthetics
    412 Carl Karcher Way, Anaheim CA, 92801
    Phone: 714.635.2650
    Fax: 714.635.0223

    We are a full service orthotic and prosthetic facility that works closely with many rehab hospitals in north and south Orange County and are looking to expand our involvement in stroke rehab. We have a facility in Anaheim as well as Irvine and offer free consultations for any and all orthotic needs.
  • Occupational Therapy Association of California
    PO Box 276567, Sacremento CA, 95827
    Phone: 916.567.7000

    The Occupational Therapy Association of California (OTAC) was incorporated in 1976 as the result of a merge of the southern and northern California groups. It is a not-for-profit, 501-c-6 professional society designed to represent the more than 14,000 occupational therapists (OTs) and occupational therapy assistants (OTAs) throughout California. We are membership driven -- a professional association by our members and for our members. Our goal is to help assure the highest competency for the profession so that consumers may expect the highest level of service.
  • Ocean Rowing Projects
    3350 E 7th st #231 , Long Beach CA, 90804
    Phone: (562)4348334

    Adaptive Rowing is rowing/sculling for the differently abled.
  • OCTA Access Program
    550 S. Main St. , Orange CA, 92863-1584
    Phone: (714) 560-5641

    ACCESS is OCTA's shared-ride service for people who are unable to use the regular, fixed-route bus service because of functional limitations caused by a disability. These passengers must be certified by OCTA to use the ACCESS system by meeting the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) eligibility criteria.
  • Orange Coast College Adaptive PE Program
    1049 Regatta Run , Costa Mesa CA, 92627
    Phone: 714-432-5528

    Adapted Physical Education classes are designed for physically disabled persons who can benefit from individualized exercise programs. Students are encouraged to maximize their physical potential within the limitations of their disabilities.
  • Orange County Health Care Agency
    PO Box 355, Santa Ana CA, 92702

    Our ultimate client is the entire County population. While providing direct services to individual clients or patients, the Agency’s primary focus is to protect and promote the health and safety of the community as a whole. As we know, Orange County is continuing to grow and become more diverse. Over the next decade, teens and older adults will become Orange County’s fastest growing population sub-groups. The Health Care Agency is continually planning in anticipation of these changes so that our services meet the needs of the community.
  • Orange County/Roxanna Hodge Foundation Stroke Survivors Support Group
    23332 Mill Creek Dr, #110, Laguna Hills CA, 92653
    Phone: 949-916-1597

    We are a nonprofit Foundation providing support for stroke survivors and their families.
  • Paralyzed Veterans of America

    For more than 65 years, Paralyzed Veterans of America has been on a mission to change lives and build brighter futures for our seriously injured heroes—to empower these brave men and women with what they need to achieve the things they fought for: freedom and independence
  • Permobil
    300 Duke Drive , Lebanin TN, 37090
    Phone: (800)7360925

    For over 45 years, Permobil has been a leader in the complex rehabilitation power wheelchairs industry. No other company can match our record of product "firsts" or our influence in shaping seating and mobility solutions. Our brand is asked for by name, known for quality and trusted by therapists, prescribers, dealers and consumers to be the best.
  • Precision Rehabilitation
    3294 E. Spring St., Long Beach CA, 90806
    Phone: (562) 988-3570

    Precision Rehabilitation offers PT, OT and Speech Therapy. We have specilized equipment such as FES bike, BIONESS, body weight supported treadmill training and video gaming for rehab. We also have a Constraint Induced Movement Therapy program.
  • Progressive Strength Recovery
    1150 Main St STE B, Irvine CA, 92614
    Phone: (949) 851-1007

    Tom Wisenbaker has unique offerings as a Special Needs Strength Trainer. Providing post therapy service to help people achieve greater mobility, our approach ensures every person affected by physical limitations is given the opportunity to maintain the highest quality of life.
  • Rehab Alliance
    22995 Mill Creek Drive, Laguna Hills CA, 92653
    Phone: (949) 707-5555

    Founded by therapists in 1987, Rehab Alliance possesses an unwavering reputation and a commitment of excellence in providing of rehabilitation services. We provide state-of-the-art software systems, staff training, educational classes, proven clinical pathways and new therapy delivery systems. Our primary objective is to create an "alliance" with our clients to provide them with high quality rehabilitation services for their patients, stable costs, experienced guidance and innovative programs. We deliver high quality care through outcome-oriented clinical programs. Our successes result from a resolute drive for the best performance and profitability for our clients.
  • Rehab without Walls
    160 South Summertree Road , Anaheim CA, 92807
    Phone: 562-612-5427

    Rehab Without Walls® delivers services where patients need them most: in their own surroundings—whether at home, school, work or in their own community. This unique approach to rehabilitation uses evidence-based, proven practices to help patients achieve functional outcomes, which means, quite simply, giving them the skills to participate as fully and independently as possible in their lives, wherever that may happen.
  • Saddleback College Adapted Kinesiology Program (Exercise classes for individuals with disabilities)

    Provides individuals with disabilities such as arthritis, blindness and visual impairments, brain injury, cardiovascular and respiratory conditions, cerebral palsy chronic back/neck and other orthopedic conditions, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, work one on one with a student assistant, work in small or large group. Once an assessment is completed, students are given a Personal Exercise Plan and begin working towards their class goals.
  • Saddleback Memorial Hospital
    24451 Health Center Dr, Laguna Hills CA, 92653
    Phone: 949-837-4500

    From strokes to nerve damage, we help patients achieve their physical potential and teach compensation techniques to increase independence in activities of daily living.
  • Saebo
    2725 Water Ridge Parkway #320 , Charlotte NC, 2826
    Phone: 888-284-5433

    Saebo, Inc., is a leading global provider of innovative rehabilitation products for stroke survivors and other neurologically impaired individuals. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, the company was founded in 2001 by two occupational therapists specializing in stroke rehabilitation. As the leading cause of long-term disability in the U.S., stroke affects over 700,000 Americans every year, leaving many with crippling side affects including the loss of hand function. Saebo’s pioneering treatment protocols are based on new research documenting the brain’s remarkable ability to “re-program” itself following injury.
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities

    Skilled Nursing Facilities, more commonly known as nursing homes, are a healthcare option for seniors that are in need of constant medical attention. Nursing homes provide the skilled nursing care, appropriate medical monitoring and assistance with activities of daily living that many elderly persons require as they age and suffer various health setbacks.
  • Special Needs Group
    Phone: (800)5134515

    Special Needs at Sea, a Special Needs Group, Inc. company, is dedicated to fulfilling the special needs requirements for persons who want to travel but may need mobility aides, oxygen or other equipment. We make travel easy, comfortable and accessible. Our trained delivery agents in 55 cities across 20 countries around the globe help us fulfill this mission. We have become the undisputed industry leader in cruise rentals as the ONLY company referred by all major cruise lines.
  • St. Edna's Skilled Nursing Facility
    1929 North Fairview Street , Santa Ana CA, 92707
    Phone: 714-554-9700 ext 224

    Our highly experienced Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Team uses individually designed treatment plans overseen by our attending physician to achieve the best therapeutic outcomes. Each plan is individually tailored to meet your complex needs and send you Homeward Bound!
  • St. Joseph's Hospital -- Neurological Rehabilitation Program
    101 E. Valencia Mesa Dr., Fullerton CA, 92835
    Phone: 714-578-8720

    St. Jude Medical Center is a faith-based, non-profit, 384-bed, acute care hospital. With nearly 700 of Southern California’s finest physicians on staff, St. Jude offers nearly every medical specialty and sub-specialty. Whether for the birth of a baby, life-saving surgery or a routine mammogram, St. Jude continues to set the standard for medical care and offers the community the most comprehensive array of services and programs.
  • St. Jude Driving Program
    2767 E. Imperial Highway, Brea CA, 92821
    Phone: 714-578-8720

    Driving provides independence and mobility. For many, it is one of the most important activities of adult daily life. To help individuals enjoy the sense of freedom and security that comes with being a safe driver, St. Jude Medical Center has designed an innovative program to address the unique needs of: Individuals returning to driving after severe illness or disability, such as stroke, Parkinson's Disease, head trauma or spinal cord injury, disabled persons who are evaluating their ability to drive for the first time, and seniors who want to remain independent and safe while driving. While most seniors drive safely, gradual changes in vision, movement, perception, attention and memory can place them at risk for being involved in or causing an accident. Our program can help assess their ability to remain safe behind-the-wheel.
  • St. Jude Medical Center
    101 E. Valencia Mesa Dr., Fullerton CA, 92835
    Phone: 714-992-3000 x3149
  • St. Jude Medical Center
    Phone: 714-992-3000 x2347

    Group Communication Training for Spouses/Partners of persons with Aphasia. Please contact: Darla Hagge, M.A., CCC-SLP
  • St. Jude's Hospital Stroke Program
    2767 E. Imperial Hwy. , Brea CA, 92821

    Our highly trained physicians, nurses, therapists and staff members offer exceptional stroke care, from diagnosis to intervention to rehabilitation, as well as preventative education and health screenings.
  • Stroke Support Association - Caregiver Support Group
    3759 Orange Ave, Long Beach CA,
    Phone: 562-537-0556

    Meets at CA Heights Church – Every Tuesday 10:00 – 11:30am Free, No Reservation. Family and Caregivers only. Since 1980 this program has offered support, resources & education thru weekly support groups. Non-Profit org
  • Stroke Support Association - Survivor Support Group
    3759 Orange Ave, Long Beach CA,
    Phone: 562-537-0556

    Meets at CA Heights Church – Every Tuesday 10:00 – 11:30am Free, No Reservation. Open to anyone whose life has been affected by stroke. Since 1980 this program has offered support, resources & education thru weekly support groups. Non-Profit org
  • Swimming -- RIO Rehabilitation Institute
    1800 E. La Veta, Orange CA, 92866
    Phone: 714-633-7400 x241

    RIO Adult Day Health Care is designed for adults experiencing a decrease in functioning primarily due to a brain injury, stroke, dementia, developmental disability, psychiatric disability, or other neurological condition. The 2 objectives of the program are: (1) to restore or maintain optimal capacity for self care, and (2) to delay or prevent inappropriate institutionalization.
  • The Care E On
    Phone: (530)9790115

    Imagine a device that can provide more Independence, Greater Confidence, Increased Mobility and Fun to almost any motorized wheelchair user. Well now there's no need to imagine it because The Care E On does just that!
  • U-Step -- Walking Stabilizer
    8027 Monticello Ave. , Skokie IL, 60076

    The unique U-shaped base provides a stable foundation for the unit. The user is braced in every direction, which nearly eliminates the risk of falling
  • UC Irvine Brain Repair Center
    Phone: 714-456-2332
  • UC Irvine Stroke Support Center
    101 The City Drive, Orange CA, 92868
    Phone: 877-824-3627

    The expert neurologists of the UC Irvine Health Stroke & Cerebrovascular Center offer state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment to stroke patients. Their skill is the reason UC Irvine Medical Center was the first in Orange County—and one of the first in the nation—to be certified as a primary stroke center, meeting the highest standards for rapid and expert patient care.
  • University of California at Irvine Medical Center
    101 The City Drive South, Orange CA, 92868
    Phone: 714-456-7890

    We are UC Irvine Health. We are a devoted team of nationally regarded physicians and nurses, researchers and clinicians, educators and students united by a single calling—to improve the lives of the people in our community and beyond.
  • Verizon
    Phone: (800)9746006

    Verizon is committed to providing the greatest range of communication capabilities to all of our customers. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of service and sensitivity to our customers with disabilities by empowering them with accessible telecommunications products and services.
  • Walkaide/Innovative Neurotronics
    Phone: 888-884-6462

    Unlike a traditional Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO), WalkAide employs advanced sensor technology to actually analyze the movement of the leg and foot. WalkAide then sends electrical signals to the peroneal nerve, which runs along the outside of the lower leg and controls movement in the ankle and foot.
  • Zynex NeuroDiagnostics
    9990 Park Meadows Drive,, Lone Tree CO, 80124

    The NeuroMove™ technique assists in teaching healthy parts of the brain after a stroke to take over lost functionality through Neuroplasticity. Patients no longer have to live with plateau level functionality, the NeuroMove is breaking that barrier.